#12 Profit First For Ecommerce Businesses (With Cyndi Thomason)

#12 Profit First For Ecommerce Businesses (With Cyndi Thomason)

Show Notes

The #1 reason small businesses fail (according to Forbes) is poor money management. Between inventory purchases, software costs, staffing, marketing, and rent, most ecommerce business owners struggle to have enough cash to pay themselves and taxes.

In this episode, top Profit First Professional and author of the book, "Profit First For Ecommerce Sellers", Cyndi Thomason, breaks down why you need to change the way you think about money & the "Profit First" system for cash management.

By implementing what you learn in this episode, you'll be able to set yourself up for financial success, annihilate debt, always be prepared for inventory purchases & taxes, pay yourself a healthy salary, and have more than enough for tax season.

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