#22 How Neil Twa “Found” $100M+ In Amazon FBA Sales

#22 How Neil Twa “Found” $100M+ In Amazon FBA Sales

Show Notes

If you’ve been shying away from – or you’re just curious about – Fulfillment By Amazon because you see Amazon as a big, mean corporation, you’ll want to hear what our guest of honor, Neil Twa, has to say. And he’s dropping some serious knowledge about a tricky topic, so you won’t want to miss it.

(First, he’ll tell you that you may be forgetting that the majority of sellers on the platform are third party sellers. But there’s a lot more.)

Since 2014, Neil Twa’s Voltage Digital Marketing company has been helping clients generate well over $100M in hyper-profitable Amazon FBA stores. In fact, he and his team have been referred to as the “Batman and Robin of Amazon,” with a long-game outlook that helps business owners see the bigger picture that extends beyond just Amazon.

In this episode of The Ecommerce Alley, I had the opportunity to talk with Neil about the strategies he uses to realize such incredible success for his own business as well as those of his clients.

Don’t miss a word of what Neil shares with me because it could be the motivation you need to achieve your revenue goals so that your lifestyle drives your business and not the other way around.

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